When you’ve been doing air conditioner service in the Minneapolis area as long as we have, you’ve seen it all. We’ve encountered some of the strangest issues imaginable when it comes to air conditioning systems, but no matter what it is, we’re happy to fix it. However, there are some issues that we run into more often than others. So what are some of the common mistakes we see people making with their air conditioners?

  • Not performing annual maintenance. Maintenance is one of the easiest things you can do for your air conditioner to increase it’s life and keep it running at peak efficiency, but many people neglect doing it. The repercussions are expensive, too, as you’ll likely end up replacing your air conditioner more often if you don’t give it the maintenance it needs.
  • Buying units too small for their space. Many homeowners try to purchase the cheapest unit possible for their space, whether they are replacing a unit in their HVAC system or simply buying a window or freestanding unit. Saving money is great, but buying a unit that’s too small to cool your space is not. You’ll end up using way too much energy to cool your space and get disappointing results along the way, likely burning out the unit sooner, too.
  • Waiting too long for repairs. You should get your air conditioner repaired as soon as you know there is an issue. Letting the problem continue on can create much bigger (and more expensive issues).

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