1. Your St. Paul Air Conditioning Service has a Few Thoughts as to Why Your Air Conditioner is Tripping the Breaker

    You have determined that your air conditioner keeps tripping the breaker, but you aren't quite sure why. Your St. Paul air conditioning service has a few thoughts as to why this is happening. But first, you need to check and make sure the breaker is the proper amps for the air conditioning unit. If so, then here are a few things you can check. Check your air filter to see how dirty it is. Just ima…Read More

  2. You Have to Wait Until Payday to Call Your St. Paul Air Conditioner Repair Service

    Your air conditioner isn't working as well as it should, but you have to wait until payday to call your St. Paul air conditioner repair service. In the meantime, you are struggling to keep your home at a reasonable temperature. There are a few things you can do to help keep the heat at bay. Your windows are a huge source of heat gain. When the blazing sun shines directly into your house, it brings…Read More

  3. When Your Home Air Conditioner is in Need of Our St. Paul Air Conditioning Service

    Most of the time it's not that difficult to tell when your home air conditioner is in need of our St. Paul air conditioning service. Most of the signs that you need repair are quite obvious, especially if you are suffering in the sweltering heat, but there are signs that are less obvious. These are warning signs that you need an air conditioning service before trouble sets in. There may come a poi…Read More

  4. What That Noise is Coming From Your Air Conditioner

    Our St. Paul air conditioner repair team knows that air conditioners can make a lot of weird noises, and for the most part the majority of them are easy (and safe) to ignore. There is one noise that you should absolutely pay attention to, though, because it's more likely than not a warning sign that something is about to go seriously wrong with your unit. That noise is a prolonged hissing sound. I…Read More

  5. Consider Going Solar with Your Air Conditioner

    Next time you need our air conditioner service team to visit your home, be sure to ask them about cooling your home with solar power. We love telling our customers about eco-friendly methods to warm and cool their home, especially because in most cases these methods are actually cheaper for our customers, too. That's because they use less energy to operate, and in the case of our solar powered ai…Read More

  6. Our Heating Services Can Help Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

    Our St. Paul heating service aren't just concerned with making the air inside your home warmer. We're also concerned with making it healthier. The Environmental Protection Agency has reported that all too often the air quality inside of our homes is worse that the air that we breathe outside. What's causing so much pollution in our indoor air? Our homes are very well insulated. Thanks to advances …Read More

  7. Is a Heat Pump Right for Your Home?

    Heat pumps are a great way to efficiently and cost-effectively moderate the temperature inside your home. Heat pumps work by moving warm air around automatically; if it's too warm inside, the heat pump will work to extract the warm air and cool the room. Likewise, it can pump warm air in to warm up a room. While the climate in St. Paul isn't always conducive to using a heat pump as your only sourc…Read More

  8. How to Save on Your St. Paul Furnace Repair

    The Hoffman Refrigeration and Heating team is always looking for new ways to help our customers. Whether that's recommending a more energy efficient air conditioner, diagnosing an issue with their boiler, or helping them save money on the furnace repair work they need in their St. Paul home, we love doing it. Our passion for all things heating and air have helped build our reputation as a trusted,…Read More

  9. Most Common Mistakes People Make with Air Conditioners

    When you've been doing air conditioner service in the Minneapolis area as long as we have, you've seen it all. We've encountered some of the strangest issues imaginable when it comes to air conditioning systems, but no matter what it is, we're happy to fix it. However, there are some issues that we run into more often than others. So what are some of the common mistakes we see people making with t…Read More

  10. Why You Need a Heating System in Your Garage

    Heating a garage is a necessity of life here in Minneapolis. We've worked on garage heaters for hundreds of homes in the area and our heating service is top notch and affordable. One thing that amazes us, though, is how many people are trying to do without a heating system in their garage. Here are just some of the reasons you need a proper heating system in your garage if you are living in Minn…Read More