Furnace Repair Services in St. Paul & Beyond

When it comes to fast and quality heater repair service across the St. Paul and Minneapolis region, you can count on us for the results you demand. We specialize in furnace repair, in fact, we excel in furnace repair because we have been doing it for a very long time. Our reputation was built on 50 years of our customer’s complete satisfaction. This is a reputation you will see in the commitment we make when you trust us with your heater repairs.

Heating System Repair and Replacement by a Knowledgeable Team

Old, outdated and inefficient furnaces not only struggle to keep your home comfortable during the frigid winters, they are also more expensive to run and maintain. If your heater is on its last legs, seriously consider replacing it with a quality new furnace that is as much as 95 percent efficient. You enjoy saving money in energy costs and you reduce pollution. Your new Lennox will serve you well and keep your home warm and comfortable for years. Call us today and schedule your appointment for heating repair or replacement.

Your Minneapolis Furnace Service Experts are Ready to Get to Work!

Since 1970 Hoffman Heating and Cooling service has been serving Minneapolis. We have 24-hour emergency furnace services that ensure you are never left out in the cold! Responsive with the highest quality of work, you can rely on our caring and careful staff to get you warm and moving forward with your day. Contact our team today for more information!