Have the Hoffman Team Install Your Heat Pumps

For climates that call for moderate cooling and heating needs, heat pumps offer an energy-efficient alternative to air conditioners and furnaces. Just like your refrigerator, heat pumps use electricity to basically move heat from a space that is cool to a space that is warm. In essence, this makes the space that is cool even cooler and the space that is warmer even warmer. So when it is cold outside, a heat pump will move the heat from the outdoors into your home and just the opposite happens in the heat if the hot Minneapolis summer months. Since heat pumps only transfer heat as opposed to creating it, they are able to operate at a lower cost, saving you money on regulating the temperature in your Minnesota Home.

Save Money With Heat Pumps from Hoffman

This lower cost is because heat pumps can cut the amount of electricity you use to heat and cool your St. Paul home. In addition, heat pumps also do a better job in keeping the air in your home dehumidified. You’ll love the difference the right heat pump can make in your home, and the Hoffman team can recommend the heat pumps that are right for your space and your needs. We can install, maintain, and repair your heat pump for you at a great price!

Call Us About Heat Pump Prices for Your Minneapolis Home

With a heat pump from Hoffman Refrigeration and Heating, you are able to enjoy year-round indoor comfort. Your new heat pump will not only keep you comfortable in the summer and winter, but it will also save you money in utility costs. And as you should already know, we only carry quality heat pumps from the top manufacturers. Call us today to discover our low heat pump prices and installation costs!