Heating and air conditioning Minneapolis has Hoffman heating for all the different needs and services that might arise. We are located throughout the state of Minnesota and Wisconsin, we know the area and what to expect during the cold winter months, especially at the start of the year the temperature drops. We live and work together with you and are proud to be working in the heating and air conditioning Minneapolis industry.

Heating is a central concern to everyone that lives in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Everyone knows that when the weather begins to turn in autumn that the cold weather is here to stay clear through the end of March and into April. Because of this many heaters in Minneapolis homes are in dire need to maintenance and repair to ensure that they are operating correctly. There is nothing worse than having the heater stop in the middle of the night and having a temperature plunge at home.

If, however, that does happen, contact us immediately. As heating and air conditioning Minneapolis professionals and experts we will immediately schedule a time to go out to any home and start examining the broken heaters. We are very open and transparent in our work and we will keep home owners abreast of information as we diagnose the problem. We also understand that homes need their heaters in the winter and we will work especially hard to ensure that the home will be heated as quickly as possible. With that in mind we carry or supply most of the parts needed for home heater repairs for the fastest and quickest repair times possible.

At Hoffman Refrigeration & Heating we are friend and neighbors in the Minneapolis – St. Paul area and we know what it means to be part of the community. We work together with home owners, even offering financing to insure that all needs are met and exceeding in a heating emergency. We provide the service that we would expect from others and we remember the old creed that the customer is always right. We look forward to helping fix and repair any heater problems that may occur this winter.