Your Biggest Concern Is When The Furnace Gives You Trouble And You Have To Call Your Minneapolis Heating Service

As a resident of Minnesota, you deal with the frigid temperatures of winter year after year, often without giving it a second thought. Your biggest concern is when the furnace gives you trouble and you have to call your Minneapolis heating service. Other than that, you merely live day to day in hopes that spring gets here soon. But even if your furnace is running efficiently and you have plenty of insulation in your home, there are more ways you can save money this winter season. Many of these energy-saving tips are quite inexpensive, easy to complete and will save you a noticeable amount of money on your heating bills.

The torn and worn weatherstripping on windows and doors on your home creates a draft that lets cold air in. Heat loss from inefficient weatherstripping can account to as much as 11 percent of your home’s heat loss. That is no small number. It is these leaks around your doors and windows that prompt you to get out of your chair and turn up the thermostat. Be diligent and replace the weatherstripping around your doors and windows every few years, it’s a great way to cut down on drafts and save money.

When your front door is closed, can you see daylight under it? If so, then you are losing that warm indoor air you are paying for. There are thresholds that have four or five screws that enable you to adjust the height and eliminate this gap. It might be worth your while to look into this.

The electrical boxes in your exterior walls are often drafty because insulation isn’t always placed behind them correctly. To stop these money eating leaks, simply remove the cover plates and fill the gaps around the box with latex caulk or a foam sealant. Then head to your hardware outlet and buy cover plate gaskets, which are rather inexpensive. This small investment will go a long way in saving you money.

Gas lines, electrical cables and pipes that enter your home often have big gaps around them. But even if they have caulking, often it is old and cracked, therefore, inefficient. In addition, these gaps are often the place where insects and rodents could be entering your home. So do the right thing and get them sealed up.

Your windows are responsible for around 25 percent of heat loss from your home. For a very small price, you can but clear plastic film that covers your windows. By just adding plastic on your windows, you can expect a 14 percent savings on your heating bill.

You may have plenty of insulation in your attic, but do you have any on your attic access door? Don’t lose precious warm air through an uninsulated attic door, make it right and save some money.

You enjoy a toasty warm fire while watching the football game, but an unused fireplace is costing you money. That warm air in your home is escaping through the chimney, even if the flue is closed. For around fifty bucks, you can buy an inflatable chimney balloon. Doing so will save you around $100 a year, an easy return on your investment.

Stay warm and save money this winter!