The Sad Reality Is Many People in St. Paul Will Be Calling Their Air Conditioning Service Company This Summer

When you think about the dog days of summer, you might visualise yourself on a very comfortable chair in your air conditioned home sipping on an iced beverage. But the reality is you may find yourself pouring that iced drink over your head in a vain attempt to cool yourself because your air conditioner is broken. The sad reality is many people in St. Paul will be calling their air conditioning service company this summer to come and make repairs. This is something that may eventually happen to you, even if you do have your air conditioner serviced on a regular basis. So if you happen to find yourself at the mercy of the heated elements because your air conditioner just broke, here are a few ways to better deal with the situation.

The first action you want to take when in such a dire situation is to limit the use of the appliances that generate heat. This means you can’t have that Poptart because your toaster spews heat into the air. In a pinch, you could microwave your Poptart. You also want to limit the use of stoves, toaster ovens and hair dryers. So tell your sweetie to put the hairdryer away for a cooler day.

You want to block the sun’s beams from beating down inside your home. This means it’s time to pull the shades and curtains down for the duration of the day. All of that sunshine in your home is making it very hot. So keep things dark.

Lastly, find all the fans you tossed in the crawlspace and put them to good use.

Stay cool and we will be there soon for the needed repairs.