Your Minneapolis Heating Service Is Committed To Keeping Your Furnace Running At Peak Performance For Maximum Comfort

Your home’s furnace is an important part of your HVAC system and it is important in keeping you and your family warm in the cold months of winter. Your Minneapolis heating service is committed to keeping your furnace running at peak performance for maximum comfort. But when a repair is needed, many homeowners don’t know the difference between an ignitor and a pressure switch. Here is a quick rundown on the common parts of your furnace.

Pressure Switch- The pressure switch is a safety device responsible for measuring the level of airflow created by your inducer motor

Inducer Motor- The inducer motor is a small motor that pulls combustion air through the heat exchangers, it also properly vents the exhaust and other bu[products of the spent fuel outdoors.

Ignitor- The ignitor can be either the pilot light on your furnace or the heat source ignitor. Pilot lights are more seen in older units and consist of a small flame that stays lit continually and stands ready to relight the burners. Newer model furnaces use electric source ignitors that light the gas burners with metal rods that reach very high temperatures.

Gas Valve- The gas valve is a regulator that controls the flow of fuel to the combustion chamber.

Combustion Chamber- The combustion chamber is where the mix of fuel and oxygen is burned.

Blower Motor- The blower motor blows the heated air produced in your heat exchanger through the ducts in your home, giving you heat.

If any of these parts is not properly working, you will need to have a professional make the necessary repairs.