Your St. Paul Air Conditioning Service Has A Few Thoughts As To Why Your Air Conditioner Is Tripping The Breaker

You have determined that your air conditioner keeps tripping the breaker, but you aren’t quite sure why. Your St. Paul air conditioning service has a few thoughts as to why this is happening. But first, you need to check and make sure the breaker is the proper amps for the air conditioning unit. If so, then here are a few things you can check.

Check your air filter to see how dirty it is. Just imagine trying to breathe with a heavy pillow stuffed over your face, it makes it a difficult task. When your filter is dirty, your air conditioning unit has to work very hard and longer to circulate the air through the filter. This will cause the blower to draw more electricity and possibly trip the breaker.

Your air conditioner has an inside unit and an outside unit. The outside unit is also susceptible to dirt and debris that can clog it up. Again, a dirty air conditioner unit is a unit that works too hard and can cause a tripped breaker.

There us a chance that the motor in your A/C unit has a short in it. If a motor runs too long, the wire insulation can break down and lead to an electrical short, which will trip the breaker.

There are several problems with your air conditioner that could cause your breaker to trip. If you cannot easily discover the problem, call your air conditioning service company and have us take a look.