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Heat Pump Repairs & Installation

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Heat pumps are an efficient and affordable way to keep your home warm all winter long. With our frigid winters, many homeowners know how important it is to ensure that their heating system will always come on when they need it. At Hoffman Cooling & Heating, we’re committed to keeping your system in top shape. Our St. Paul heating experts are here to answer your questions and address your needs, whether it’s simple, routine maintenance, repairs, or a replacement of your heat pump.

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What Repairs Do Heat Pumps Require?

The exact repairs your system will need depends on its use and wear and tear. Commonly, the repairs needed by heat pumps are very similar to air conditioner repairs, since these systems are closely related and work similarly to change the temperature of your home. However, that doesn’t mean that you should call an AC repair service for your heat pump since there are plenty of repairs that are specific to heat pumps.

Heat pumps can both heat and cool your home, and these settings are controlled by a component known as a reversing valve. If this piece of your heat pump is no longer functioning properly, you may see your system get stuck in one mode or the other. Our St. Paul hating technicians can replace this component and restore your system’s ability to change modes.

Heat pumps also move refrigerant in two directions, which means that it is possible for liquid refrigerant to leak back into the compressor, damaging it severely. When your compressor is damaged, it will require repairs in order to function properly again.

Fortunately, heat pumps have fewer components, which means that there is far less to break down. Often, heat pumps are highly reliable and, when properly maintained, won’t need repair services nearly as often as other heating systems.

3 Signs you need our St. Paul heat pump repair services:

  • Old Age - 
    If your heat pump is no longer is blowing heat or cool air, it might be due to the age of the heat pump. Heat pumps normally have a lifespan of about 15 years. It could be a simple repair that's need or it may be time to replace the heat pump all together. Contact our St. Paul heat pump repair team for expert advice.
  • Excessive Noise -
    If your heat pump is making an excessive amount of noise, that is a key indicator that you may need it repaired. If you hear any rattling, banging or clanging, don't hesitate to give our professional St. Paul heat pump repair technicians a call for assistance.
  • Reduced Heating -
    If your heat pump is generating good airflow but no amount of heat, it may time time to call our St. Paul heat pump repair team and check of if your heat pump needs repair. It could just be the thermostat is set incorrectly or it could be something like a refrigerant leak.

The Benefits of Regular Heat Pump Maintenance

Your heat pump works hard year-round to keep your home comfortable. This means that it generally requires more frequent maintenance than a furnace or air conditioner alone. Regular tune-ups and inspections can prevent damage and keep your system running at peak efficiency. With routine maintenance, you can expect to pay less for repairs, save on your energy bills, and enjoy a longer life for your heat pump.

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