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St. Paul Gas Furnace Installation & Repair

Taking Care of All Your Heating Needs in Minneapolis

It's no secret that winters in Minnesota can be extremely brutal, which is why most homeowners like yourself depend on your heating systems to keep your family warm. If your heating system has stopped being reliable and you need to have it repaired or replaced, Hoffman Cooling & Heating can help. We understand the importance of having a system that not only works but will last reliably for years to come. Installing a gas furnace in St. Paul may be the answer to all of your heating needs.

To request a free, in-home quote on system replacement, contact us at (612) 255-5883.

Advantages of Choosing a Gas Furnace

Whether you already have a gas furnace or you are considering switching from another heating system, gas is an excellent choice. Many years ago, gas furnaces were considered an outdated form of heating. Thanks to advances in technology, gas furnaces are actually an extremely efficient way to heat your home. If you are concerned about your energy bills creeping up too high during winter, a gas furnace may be an excellent option for you.

A few of the benefits of having a gas furnace include:

  • Consumes less energy than other options
  • More eco-friendly due to fewer carbon emissions
  • More reliable (runs even if the power goes out)
  • Costs less to run throughout the winter months

3 Signs you may need our St. Paul Furnace Repair services:

  • Strange Sounds -
    If you notice a strange or odd noise coming form your heater it could mean that a part is loose or badly damage and in need of repair. Don't leave this unchecked as it could cause even more damage to your furnace. Contact our St. Paul Furnace Repair team for expert help.
  • Clogged Filter -
    Filters can easily get clogged. These filters collect dust and dirt over time and should be checked and replaced periodically. If you are unable to do this yourself, you can contact our reliable St. Paul Furnace Repair team for assistance!​​​​​​
  • High Utility Bills -
    If you notice your utility bill going up month over month, it could mean that your furnace is needing to work twice as hard in order to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. This could be due to the age of your furnace or it could be a part that needs to be replaced. Give our professional St. Paul Furnace Repair technicians a call today!

Affordable Furnace Services in St. Paul

If you are ready to discuss the types of gas furnaces we offer, we're here to provide you with top-notch service. From the time you contact us until your system is safely installed, you can rely on us to treat you and your home with care. In addition to installation services, we can also provide you with 24/7 emergency heating repairs in St. Paul.

Please do not hesitate to call our qualified HVAC contractors at (612) 255-5883 to make an appointment.

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