In Addition To Having Your HVAC Serviced By Your St. Paul Furnace Repair Company, Here Are Other Tasks You Need To Accomplish This Fall

Fall is the ideal time to take care of all those repair and maintenance projects around the house before the days get too short and the weather too cold. In addition to having your HVAC serviced by your St. Paul furnace repair company, here are other tasks you need to accomplish this fall.

Rake Leaves– This task might seem obvious, but many think a blanket of leaves looks great on their lawn and protects the grass. Unfortunately, just the opposite is true. The leaves on your lawn actually do more damage to your grass than good. So grab that rake and clean up those leaves.

Clean Gutter– Your lawn isn’t the only place the leaves fall. If you have leaves on your lawn, it is likely your gutters are filled with them as well. Get your gutters cleaned out this fall or you could suffer roof damage from clogged gutters.

Hoses and Faucets– Protect your pipes from freezing by shutting down all exterior faucets. You also need to drain all your hoses and store them in the garage or shed.

Remove A/C Units– Sure, they’re heavy and burdensome, but you still need to remove any window air conditioning units you have in the house. If you must leave them in, cover the entire exterior of the unit with insulation wrap to help keep the cold air where it belongs, outside.

Chimney Clean– When you call to set an appointment for your furnace maintenance check, call for a chimney sweep as well. After all, a clean chimney is a safe chimney.

We hope to see you before the snow starts to fall.