Your St. Paul Heating Service Saves You Money by Providing Exceptional Results

Saving money is something that makes all homeowners happy. Your St. Paul heating service saves you money by providing exceptional results. There are many energy-efficient choices you can make that will save you money as well. Following these energy-saving tips helps fight air pollution, lessens your carbon footprint and eases your utility costs.

Let’s start with the basics, simply turning stuff off when not in use will save money.

Unplug those seldom used appliances. That extra refrigerator in your garage or basement that contains only a couple of items is costing you money. Removing the few cans of beer or whatever else you have in these appliances and turning them off will save you up to $100 a year.

Move your electrical devices to a power strip so you can easily turn off multiple components at once when they are not in use. You might want to consider buying a smart strip, one that automatically turns off other devices when the primary device is turned off. For example, when you turn off your computer, the power strip automatically turns off your printer.

Slideshows and other screensavers save you nothing in energy costs. In fact, your screensaver is probably costing you money. These hidden predators increase your computer’s energy consumption by making it work harder, turn it off instead.

During the winter months, use the sun wisely. Leave your shades and blinds open on sunny days, but close them at night to reduce heat loss. In the summer, keep the blinds closed when the air conditioner is in use.

Following these tips will make a positive impact on your utility bills.