It Is Time for St. Paul Homeowners to Call Their Heating Service

As the temperatures outside begin to rapidly cool down, it is time for St. Paul homeowners to call their heating service and have their furnaces prepped for the oncoming winter. Unfortunately, there are all too many homeowners who will overlook this important step and fail to have their furnace serviced. As we touched upon in past posts, furnace maintenance is very important. For those who fail to properly maintain their furnaces, you might be giving us a call in a few months asking why your furnace is leaking water. Here are a few reasons your furnace might be leaking water.

Condensation Leak– If you have a high-efficiency furnace, condensation is created as it utilizes cool exhaust and pipes it away from your unit. If the tubing has been damaged, this could be the cause of your leak. Another reason for that leak could be a clogged drain.

Faulty Heat Exchanger– If condensation isn’t the issue, your secondary heat exchanger could be the problem. Unfortunately, this is is very expensive repair and many homeowners quite simply choose just to replace the entire unit.

Humidifier Leak– Yet another reason your furnace suffers a leak is due to a faulty humidifier. If you have your furnace regularly maintained, this would never be an issue as your repairman would notice during the regular service. This type of leak needs to be dealt with right away as it can cause serious damage to your furnace.

Whatever the cause of your furnace leak, we can resolve the issue. Give us a call and prevent further damage to your furnace.