If You Neglect To Call Your St Paul Heating Service This Fall For A Furnace Check, You Might Be Spending This Winter Doing What You Can To Stay Warm

If you neglect to call your St Paul heating service this fall for a furnace check, you might be spending this winter doing what you can to stay warm. It is important to keep your furnace properly maintained, otherwise you risk having it break down at the worst possible moment or suffer a furnace that struggles to keep the house at a comfortable temperature. Either way, a non-working or poorly working furnace means you will need to take certain steps to stay warm this winter. Here are a few handy tips on how to stay warm should your ill-serviced and otherwise neglected furnace breaks down.

The obvious steps to take when attempting to keep warm includes dressing in layers and bundling up with sweaters, blankets and even stealing heat from the dog. If you are married, it is quite acceptable to scrunch close together, even just for the sake of sharing body heat. It is important to keep your feet warm by utilizing heavy socks, more than one pair may be used, or wearing your fuzzy bunny slippers. We also recommend you wear a hat. And while your cowboy hat looks great on you, that knitted beanie will keep you a whole lot warmer.

As a kid, you would use blankets and other household materials to construct cool forts on and around the couch and other furniture. When your furnace fails, put your fort building skills to use once again. That fort you make in your living room will help keep the entire family warm.

If you would rather avoid having to make a fort in the living room to keep warm this winter, then have your furnace serviced this fall. Call and schedule your appointment today.