Your St. Paul Heating Service Company Would Like To Remind You To Have A Happy And Healthy Thanksgiving This Thursday

Your St. Paul heating service company would like to remind you to have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving this Thursday. We are experts in the field of heating and air conditioning, so if you are having issues with your furnace, we are the people you need to call. If you are having a problem with your cable, you call the cable company, it’s just what you do. But people who are in need of tips when preparing their holiday turkey, they don’t know who to call. So we are going to offer these tips to keep in mind while preparing your Thanksgiving Day turkey.

  • While you are at the store, keep in mind you will need around half a pound of turkey for each guest. If you plan on feeding a small army, 20 or more people, consider getting 2 or 3 smaller birds as they will cook in less time.
  • Keep your frozen turkey in a pan in the refrigerator to thaw. Plan on about 5 hours thawing time for every pound. If your turkey isn’t completely thawed on the big day, don’t panic, just fill your bath with cold water and allow 1/2 hour thawing time for every pound.
  • If you desire a bird that is nice and crispy, baste, baste and baste. But keep in mind, frequently opening the oven door will cause the temperature to go down, so you may need to increase cooking time.
  • Don’t serve that bird until it has reached 165 degrees at the thickest part, you don’t want to get everybody sick.

Enjoy the holiday season!