The Heating Service You Need For Spring


As you start to taper off your use of your furnace and turn on your A/C, it’s a good idea to perform some heating service on your furnace to prepare it for the warmer months. Your heating system worked hard over the winter months, so before you give it a break for the summer it needs a little attention. This can help you avoid repairs on your system once the weather turns cool again and help it kick on next winter without a hitch. So what kind of heating service should you perform on your St. Paul heating system?

  • Change the filter. It’s a good idea to change the filter on your system at least every quarter and more often when it’s in high use, if you have pets, or if you suffer from allergy issues. Changing the filter at the beginning of summer ensures you’ve removed the debris from the high-use colder months.
  • Clean out the system. Remove dust and debris that may have collected in your system during the winter, paying close attention to fans and intake areas as well as cleaning off the outside of the system.
  • Make note of any parts that seem worn out or in need of replacement. These should be replaced as soon as possible and not left until the fall; this could cause major issues in the future if left unattended.

Of course, you can also call the Hoffman team to do your heating service for you! We can perform a full inspection and cleaning on your heating system, identifying and repairing any issues we find right away. Give us a call at (612) 255-5883 today!