What You Should Know About Replacing Your Furnace Filter


At Hoffman Cooling & Heating, we understand that life gets busy. You have families to take care of, work at a job to pay the bills, and have a home to manage and keep up with. Checking the filter on your furnace might not be an item that takes a high priority in your day-to-day, but it is an incredibly important aspect of maintaining the health and longevity of your system.

How Often Should the Furnace Filter Be Changed?

We recommend that you change the filter at least every three months, and at least once a month during the colder months. Changing the filter is fairly simple and you don’t need a technician to handle it for you. Doing this small step contributes to how well your furnace performs, especially when you are in between furnace maintenance appointments. It can protect the unit from damage and also helps with improving the indoor air quality in the home.

Here are some factors that might affect how often you should change the furnace filter:

  • What type of filter that your furnace uses
  • How many people are currently living in your home
  • Whether or not you have pets in the home
  • If you live near a highway, an area of construction, or live close to an area that might emit odors or pollution into the air

As St. Paul furnace repair technicians, we cannot stress enough just how vital it is to the health of your furnace to change your filters regularly. If anything, it can save you in the long-term from expensive repairs and exceedingly high energy bills.

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