6 Energy Efficiency Myths Debunked

energy efficient home

We all want to save money on our energy bills, and energy efficiency is an important consideration when it comes to your heating and cooling system, appliances, and other home systems. However, some information out there is just not true. Here's a breakdown of what you should know.

Myth: It costs less to leave the lights on than turning them on and off.

Fact: Far too many people believe that it takes more energy to turn off and on lights throughout the day than it does just to keep them on all day. Many years ago, when commercial lighting consisted of fluorescent bulbs that took a long time to completely turn on, this may have held some truth. Because of this, it was recommended to just keep the slow-starting lights on all day. However, thanks to technological advances, turning your lights on and off throughout the day will not use more energy. So whenever you leave a room, turn off the light, even if you will only be gone for several minutes.

Myth: Running a fan can keep an empty room cooler.

Fact: Not true. Fans simply circulate the air and create flow, but they do not cool the temperature of the air at all. That breeze you feel from the fan cools your skin, but the temperature never changes. So a fan left running in an empty room is simply wasted energy.

Myth: You can heat or cool a room faster by cranking the thermostat up or down.

Fact: If you want to rapidly cool your home down or heat it up, cranking the thermostat higher up or farther down does not heat or cool your home any faster. Remember, the thermostat is just a way in which you can control temperature levels, cranking your thermostat to 80 degrees will not make your furnace produce warmer air.

Myth: When you are not using your laptop, you should keep it on as turning it off and on again wastes energy and is bad for your computer.

Fact: This myth is wrong on both aspects. Turning your electronic devices off saves energy and will do no harm to your laptop, tablet, computer or other devices.

Myth: If you keep your air conditioner running at a higher temperature when you leave for work for the day, it will take less energy to cool down when you get home.

Fact: This is wrong as well. When you leave your home, turn the air conditioning all the way off, when you come home, turn it back on and your home will quickly cool down. There is simply no need to cool down your home when nobody is there. You stand to save money in energy costs by shutting down your air conditioner when you are not at home.

Myth: If you are experiencing air leaks in your home, it must be from windows and doors.

Fact: While doors and windows do play a role in air leakage, you are most likely losing more air through air duct leaks and holes in your attic. Installing caulking and weather stripping around doors and windows is always a good idea, but have your attic and ducts checked for leaks as well.

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