Your St. Paul Furnace Repair Company Would Like To Help

It may still be rather warm this time of year, some may even be enjoying summer activities. But that will all end soon enough as winter is just around the corner. Every winter, there is the constant battle of keeping warm while still trying to manage high heating costs. Sometimes it seems like a no-win situation. Your St. Paul furnace repair company would like to help by giving you a few ways you can reduce your heating bills this winter.

Lower That Thermostat– For every degree you set your thermostat down, you can save up to 3 percent on annual heating costs. The best time to set the heat lower is at night when everybody is in bed. To help stay toasty in bed, add a blanket or start sleeping with feather-stuffed comforters.

Ceiling Fan– Your typical homeowner might already utilize a ceiling fan as a way to help cool in the summer. But your ceiling fan can also help in the cold winter months. Set your fan to spin clockwise at a low speed and the warm air trapped near your ceiling will mix with the cooler air, resulting in a warmer room and up to 15 percent savings on your heating costs.

Window Film– If you want to save money in heating costs this winter, head to your nearest home improvement store and invest in some window film. The film will reduce the heat lost through your windows, helping you to stay warmer.

Enjoy the nice weather while you can, because it will soon be over.