Instead Of Calling Your St. Paul Furnace Repair Company Several Times This Winter, Consider Having a New Furnace Installed

The thought of shelling out a bunch of money for a new furnace can cause anybody to break into a cold sweat. However, a new furnace right now, as we head into winter, could actually wind up saving you money in the long run. When properly maintained, a new furnace will last as long as 25 years. That old furnace you plan on using this winter might not make it to December. So, instead of calling your St. Paul furnace repair company several times this winter, consider having a new furnace installed.

Every time you call someone to repair your furnace, it is costing you money. Do the math, if the cost of repairs over a 5 year period exceeds the cost of a new furnace, you can save money just having a new one installed. This is one reason to pay attention in math class.

If your furnace is older, say over 17 years, it may not be very efficient anymore. Newer model furnaces are much more efficient, which will save money in energy costs. Something you might want to consider.

However, if your furnace is relatively new and running efficiently, then it probably makes more sense to have it repaired should problems arise. In general terms, if the cost of a repair is less than one-third the cost of a new unit, it makes financial sense to have it repaired. It makes really good sense to have any type of furnace, regardless the age, checked and maintained on a regular basis. This will ensure a long and trouble-free furnace life.

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