How Zoning Can Help Your Furnace Work More Efficiently


If you have a single thermostat controlling the temperature in your home, you probably have uneven heating issues. Some rooms may feel cooler than others even though you keep the temperature at one consistent level. These issues are usually something to do with the structure of the room or their location in your home; basement rooms are typically cooler, and some outside rooms aren’t insulated well enough to keep them as warm as the inner rooms of your home. Whatever the reason, though, you don’t need our Minneapolis furnace repair team to fix it; you need them to install zoning control.

This is the simple process of installing multiple thermostats throughout your home. These multiple thermostats are wired into one easy-to-use control panel where you can manage the temperature of every room of your home if you choose. Boost the temperature in the baby’s room and keep the living room nice and cool. The control panel will automatically sense whether a room needs to be warmed or cooled and send warm air from your furnace to that area or block it off from receiving more.

This can be a great way to save on your energy bills, too. By regulating the temperature throughout your home, you aren’t wasting energy heating a room that you don’t use or that doesn’t need to be any warmer. You’ll save on furnace repair work, too, because you’ll be less likely to strain your system trying to warm up rooms that are already warm enough. Interested in learning more about zoning control for your furnace? Give the Hoffman Cooling & Heating team a call today!

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