Why You Need A Heating System In Your Garage


We know at Hoffman Cooling & Heating, that heating a garage is a necessity of life here in Minneapolis. We’ve worked on garage heaters for hundreds of homes in the area and our heating service is top notch and affordable. One thing that amazes us, though, is how many people are trying to do without a heating system in their garage. Here are just some of the reasons you need a proper heating system in your garage if you are living in Minneapolis:

  • It can prevent the pipes freezing in your home. The garage is a big area sitting right next to your house. If it doesn’t get any heat, it could leave some of your pipes vulnerable to freezing. A burst pipe is something no one wants to deal with in the middle of winter.
  • It gives you space to continue working on projects. You don’t have to give up working on the car or on your woodworking project just because winter arrives. A garage heater can help keep your space warm while you work.
  • It keeps your vehicles running. When the temperatures plunge too low in the winter (which they often do in Minneapolis) you may find that your vehicle has trouble starting. Some batteries aren’t made to withstand sub-zero temperatures, so keeping your car in a warm garage can help it start the first time.

Learn More About Heating Installation

Don’t try to rely on an old propane system, either. They can be incredibly dangerous, while our heating service team can install a system that’s as safe as the one in your home. Interested in learning more? Contact our team today and let’s talk about the heating system that’s right for your space!

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