If You Don't Have Your Furnace Serviced On A Regular Basis, You Will Likely Be Calling Your Minneapolis Furnace Repair Company

We hear time and time again that there are many people who think that it is unnecessary to have your furnace inspected annually. Of course, it is these same types of people who feel oil changes are over-rated and wind up with blown engines. But we understand that it is a valid question. If you don’t have your furnace serviced on a regular basis, you will likely be calling your Minneapolis furnace repair company more often. But then, there are those who feel any maintenance that needs to be performed on their furnace can be done by the homeowner. Let’s clear up some speculation.

Check the paperwork that came with your furnace, you will discover that the manufacturer recommends annual inspections and maintenance. And they also state it should be done by a qualified technician. You will also notice that any warranties will be void if damage is the result of improper maintenance. This alone seems to be a pretty good reason to have your furnace maintained by a professional. Really, there is no reason to have to pay for parts and labor when in could be covered by a warranty.

Of course, since you change the oil in your car and dabble in combustion engine repair, especially on your lawnmower, you figure you are knowledgeable enough to care for your furnace. But you need to understand that furnace maintenance is much more than changing out a filter and vacuuming dust from the unit. Keep in mind that maintenance is just as much about safety as it is about keeping your furnace running smooth.

Make the right decision and give us a call to inspect your furnace today.