Why You Call Your Minneapolis Furnace Repair Company For Yearly Maintenance

You do all you can to ensure your furnace is in optimal working condition, which is why you call your Minneapolis furnace repair company for yearly maintenance. However, even the best-kept furnace can fail on you, and it may happen during a particularly harsh cold spell or winter storm, which means you might have to wait a day or two until repairs can be made. In the event of such a tragedy, here are a few tips on how to stay warm when your furnace breaks down. Of course, the first thing you need to do is give us a call so we can get a professional to your home as soon as possible.

Go around your house and make sure all the windows are closed as tight as possible. This will decrease the amount of cold air coming in your home and prevent the warm air inside from escaping. You may also want to seal your doorways as best as possible. Cold air sneaks in around your doors, use what you can to seal these off.

Keep your drapes closed after the sun goes down as curtains serve as insulation. Also, make sure you utilize the sun’s heat by opening your curtains during the day.

Close off any rooms you won’t be using during this minor emergency as this creates a barrier between the rooms you do use and the cold outdoors.

A furnace outage is a great time for the family to gather in the kitchen while you make hot chocolate and cookies. The heat from the oven will create warmth and nothing warms your insides better than a big mug of hot chocolate.

Stay warm our friends.