Is A Heat Pump Right For Your Home?


Heat pumps are a great way to efficiently and cost-effectively moderate the temperature inside your home. Heat pumps work by moving warm air around automatically; if it’s too warm inside, the heat pump will work to extract the warm air and cool the room. Likewise, it can pump warm air in to warm up a room. While the climate in St. Paul isn’t always conducive to using a heat pump as your only source of heat, it can be extremely beneficial to have one installed by our heating repair team. Why?

  • They are inexpensive to run. The heat pump works with the electricity in your home, so they can save you on fuel costs.
  • They can work as both a heating and an air conditioner. Thanks to their ability to move warm air into and out of your home, it can both warm up and cool down your house.
  • They don’t need much help from our heating repair team. Maintenance is minimal on a heat pump and most require little to no repair work.

Heat pumps will need to be placed somewhere around your home with access to fresh air, and you’ll want to place them in a secluded area as they can generate some noise from the fan operating inside.

You can heat and cool your home more efficiently and with a much more eco-friendly approach with a heat pump. Interested in learning more? Contact our St. Paul heating repair team. They’ll answer your questions and get you the information that you need on heat pumps and other eco-friendly temperature control solutions.

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