Our Heating Services Can Help Improve Your Indoor Air Quality


Our St. Paul heating service aren’t just concerned with making the air inside your home warmer. We’re also concerned with making it healthier. The Environmental Protection Agency has reported that all too often the air quality inside of our homes is worse that the air that we breathe outside. What’s causing so much pollution in our indoor air?

  • Our homes are very well insulated. Thanks to advances in construction methods and materials, our homes are better insulated than ever before. While that’s great news for energy efficiency, it’s not great for our air quality; no fresh air inside our homes means pollutants get trapped.
  • There are lots of chemicals in our belongings. From our couches to our carpets to our clothes, the items that we own are often treated with chemicals that might not be great for us to breathe. Those chemicals get released into the air and into our lungs.
  • Cleaning solvents are partially to blame. You love to keep your home clean, but all those cleaning solvents could be polluting your air.

That’s not to mention the allergens that come in on our clothes and shoes from the outside as well as everything that comes from our beloved pets. So what can you do about your indoor air quality?

You call our heating service team and ask about our indoor air purification system. We can help match you to the system that’s right for your home to clean the air and help you breathe easy. Give the Hoffman team a call today!

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