Consider Going Solar With Your Air Conditioner


Next time you need our air conditioner service team to visit your home, be sure to ask them about cooling your home with solar power. We love telling our customers about eco-friendly methods to warm and cool their home, especially because in most cases these methods are actually cheaper for our customers, too. That’s because they use less energy to operate, and in the case of our solar-powered air conditioners, they actually generate a lot of the energy that they do use. That means you’ll be able to cool your St. Paul home all summer using little–or even no–energy. Imagine the savings on your monthly energy bill!

How Does Solar-Powered Air Conditioning Work?

You’ll need to have solar panels already installed, but if you do, we’ll simply hook your solar-powered air conditioner directly into your system. After that, your new system works in much the same way that your old system did, by providing fresh, clean, and cool air to your home. You’ll love how well it cools your home and how little it costs to operate.

If you dread the summer months because of the huge spike that you see in your energy bills once the air conditioner turns on, this is an investment worth making. There are tons of great options when it comes to a solar-ready air conditioner, and our St. Paul air conditioning service team can walk you through all of them and help you find the solution that’s right for you. Call us today!